Romantic Opatija

Dreaming about an impressive proposal, unforgettable honeymoon, or simply a romantic escape with your loved one?

  Selected as one of the most romantic places in Europe by the influential Forbes magazine and the platform European Best Destinations, Opatija is a perfect destination for the seekers of romance! The Pearl of Adriatic will woo you with its wonderful Imperial architecture, gorgeous parks filled with secluded paths, intimate restaurants, Austrian-style cafés, and a long promenade perfect for sunset strolls.

  In Opatija, dreamy moments await at every corner!


Heritage Landmarks

Opatija’s wonderful architecture is imbued with the spirit of romance. Visitors can enjoy the splendour of Imperial-style architecture and the romanticism of Mediterranean villas. Hotel Palace Bellevue is a great choice for history lovers because of its neo-baroque flair, while Hotel Kvarner is famous for its neoclassicism.


The famous Lungomare seaside promenade stretches for 10 kilometers from the charming village of Volosko to the laurel-town of Lovran and offers a perfect background for long romantic walks. Loved-up couples can enjoy the aquamarine beauty of Adriatic and photo-worthy corners such as the Maiden with a Seagull.

Angiolina Park

Opatija is known for its gorgeous parks and the most famous of them all is Angiolina Park. In the middle of the park stands the impressive Villa Angiolina which houses the Croatian Museum of Tourism. A love story is woven in its history since it was built in 1844 by Iginio Scarpa as a symbol of love for his wife Angiolina.

American Gardens

Take a walk through a beautiful maze of American Gardens which were built at the beginning of the 20th century by Mihaly Pal Kuczor in honour of his wife Hilda. The park’s terraces are a gorgeous example of Modernism with elements of historicism. This secret garden offers a tranquil atmosphere perfect for intimate moments.


  • 13 February - World Marriage Day
  • 14 February - Valentine’s Day
  • 14 February – 20 February - International Flirting Week
  • 01 March - World Compliment Day
  • 06 July - International Kissing Day


Experience the ultimate romantic getaway and spend dreamy moments in hotels Ambasador and Palace Bellevue!


Start your stay with a glass of sparkling wine, delicious Red Velvet hearts, and lavender chocolate. Indulge in intimate moments during breakfast in bed with champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolate. Ignite the flame of romance while enjoying a four-course dinner in the beautiful ambience of hotel Ambasador’s Cubo restaurant or the unique cave located in the very heart of hotel Palace Bellevue. Awaken your body and mind with the sensual Aphrodisiac massage in the gorgeous surroundings of the hotel’s wellness centre.


It will truly be a romantic escape to remember!

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Romantic welcome

Toast your love with a glass of sparkling wine and start your holiday in a romantic style with Red Velvet hearts on a stick, home-made chocolate with lavender and Skittles candies, and delicious charcuterie cups.


Breakfast in room

Indulge in the magic of morning romance with an intimate breakfast in your room that will seduce you with sparkling wine, chocolate-dipped strawberries, waffles, chia pudding with berries, and a selection of cold cuts, cheeses and fruit.


Affectionate Love dinner

Experience tender moments accompanied by a rhapsody of flavours during a romantic four-course dinner in the beautiful ambience of the Cubo restaurant or the unique surroundings of a ‘cave’.


Aphrodisiac massage

Surrender to a soothing massage that will awaken your senses with the irresistible scent of aphrodisiac essential oils.